Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

I played hooky Monday. Yep. I blatantly took a day off work and went on a trail ride with my daughter Sophia and my lifelong friend Nancy Gump - a big deal for me - a borderline workaholic.  It was a glorious, unseasonably warm day at Misty Hill Farm.  We saddled up Linus, R.J. and Lily, and headed into the woods alternately telling stories, laughing, galloping and mostly just being quiet.  How Ferris Bueller of us.

This brought to my mind the importance of playing hooky.  When I was in school, my mom let us play hooky quite a bit.  After some contemplation, I think I am a better person for it.  Granted I missed the '7s' on the multiplication tables but I caught up:  7 x 3 = 21.  See?

Because as most of you know I am hard at work launching Bloomers!, I don't have a lot of time to keep up with trends out there.  But as the person in charge of social media, I have seen some tweets about the tiger mom and all that business about raising your kids with hard driving tactics and extreme discipline.  Maybe it's just parenting styles and I don't really judge her for hers (although sadly I do judge myself for mine all the time), but I think her kids could have played hooky, still done extremely well and probably have been a lot happier.

I can tell you one thing - I appreciate the gift of hooky that my mom gave us more than I can put into words here.  I paid her back by being a good student.  Most of my hooky days were spent riding my horse and usually with Nancy Gump.  Old habits...

When my kids were growing up, I couldn't return the favor as easily.  I was a working mom and if my kids stayed home from school, I had to take a day off work to stay home with them.  Luckily, they were incredibly healthy and rarely missed a day from illness so I came up with a tradition of giving each of the kids at least one hooky day a school year.  They could spend it however they wanted.  Usually we would go to the mall or a movie.  Sometimes we were more cultured and went to an art gallery or museum.  If I had it to do over, I would impose one rule: that we do something educational.  (Fun educational).  Because I can tell you one thing, if I went to a museum with my kids on a hooky day - they were a lot more excited about what they saw than they ever were just learning about it from a book or even going on a school field trip. 

In closing I recommend taking a hooky day, setting up a Bloomers! know + grow Organic Garden which is super easy and a lot of fun, and then going onto Bloomers! Island to play and learn about gardening with your kids - a hands-on, online glorious hooky day.   Click here.
What was your favorite hooky day?

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